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Mechanical Testers

Due to its modular design, small footprint and numerous customization features, this top-of-the-line tester offers the versatility required in cutting edge biomaterial testing labs. It has been designed to be easily upgraded with the addition of motorized stages, load cells and accessories, so it will evolve and adapt constantly to changes in your material research priorities. At any time, you can Add to Cart the items of interest to get a pricing estimate.
Scrolling through so many choices of products and accessories may be overwhelming; we have developed a powerful product wizard to help you configure the perfect mechanical tester for your testing applications. Visit our Product Configurator to start building your own tester.  Tell us what you do in your lab, the materials you study and the mechanical tests you would like to perform. Our configurator will be able to propose the perfect tester for you in only a few minutes and will give you a pricing estimate for it.
In our catalog you will find the list of all our products and accessories. We have also developed a powerful product wizard to help you configure the perfect mechanical tester based on your testing applications. Visit our Product Configurator to build your own Mach-1 and get an pricing estimate for it.
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