Company Overview

Biomomentum specializes in providing solutions for the biomechanical evaluation of tissues, biomaterials, and cartilage. The company develops and commercializes the Arthro-BST™, an arthroscopic probe used for precise, non-destructive assessment of articular cartilage. The device calculates a quantitative parameter reflecting the biochemical composition and load-bearing properties of cartilage. It also develops and commercializes the Mach-1™, a micromechanical tester capable of performing compression, tension, shear, and torsion tests for precise characterization and mechanical stimulation of cartilage and other soft tissue or materials. In addition, Biomomentum offers biomechanical testing services using its unique instrumentation.

Under the direction of Chief Executive Officer, Eric Quenneville, and President, Martin Garon, Biomomentum strives to become a world leader in the development and marketing of innovative biomedical testing solutions for biomaterials and articular cartilage. These enterprising individuals have the expertise, passion and commitment required to effectively manage these products and lead Biomomentum towards a promising future!

Management Team

Martin Garon

Martin Garon, PhD, Co-Founder and President

Dr. Garon holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. He completed his thesis entitled "Design and Validation of an Arthroscopic Device for the Evaluation of the Electromechanical Properties of the Articular Cartilage" under the supervision of Dr. Michael D. Buschmann while employed part-time at BioSyntech as a Research Scientist. Upon completion of his thesis, Dr. Garon assumed a full-time position within the Instrumentation department where he was heavily involved with R&D, quality control and testing services. As a key contributor to the department's success, he also dealt in sales, customer relations, and technical support. Throughout his ten-year professional experience, Dr. Garon has acquired extensive knowledge regarding the design and development of mechanical testers and medical devices. Among numerous other achievements, he has developed software and electronics for the Mach-1™ and the Arthro-BST™, and is co-author of three patents protecting the technologies associated with these products.

Éric Quenneville

Eric Quenneville, PhD, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Always fascinated by the world of science and showing a particular interest in the areas of physics and biomechanics, Dr. Quenneville holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal. While working part-time at BioSyntech as a Research Scientist, he completed his thesis focusing on the development of the Arthro-BST™ and the theoretical models of the electromechanical properties of articular cartilage. Dr. Quenneville has demonstrated superior management and leadership skills throughout both his academic and professional experiences. Appointed interim Director of BioSyntech’s Instrumentation department, he recognized a potential business opportunity when BioSyntech announced its plan to relinquish all corporate activity related to the Mach-1™ and Arthro-BST™. With significant expertise in business development, regulatory affairs, as well as in the design and production of medical devices under strict ISO13485 control, he is equipped with capabilities that complement those of his partner, Martin Garon. Dr. Quenneville also has over ten years' experience in the medical device industry and the drive to lead Biomomentum well into the future!


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