Mach-1™ Multiaxial Mechanical Testers


Mechanical Properties Mapping on 3D Surfaces


Arthro-BST™ Arthroscopic Probe

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Mechanical Testing CRO for Biomaterials & Tissues

Recent News

June 2016 - New article about the Arthro-BST™ and Mach-1™
Sotcheadt Sim et al.

June 2016 - We're hiring!
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January 2016 - New article about the Arthro-BST™.
Jan C. Schagemann et al.

November 2015 - New abstract about the Mach-1™ Multiaxial Mechanical Tester.
Development of a Sequence of Mechanical Tests for Articular Cartilage at a Single Location

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World Biomaterials Congress
Montreal, QC, Canada
May 17-22, 2016

MRS Spring Meeting
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
March 28 - April 1, 2016

ORS Annual Meeting
Orlando, Florida, USA
March 6-8, 2016